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❔ General

Find answers to general onboarding questions here. 

To quickly find an answer to your question, go to the ellipses menu next to the “Save" button, then to “Show table of contents.” 

Use the “Unanswered questions” section at the bottom to add questions that need attention. 


Here are some sample FAQs: 

FAQ: Can I add an image or screenshot to an FAQ? 

A: Yep! Here's how: 

1. Go to the “Insert image” icon in the top toolbar 

2. Choose an image from your device or insert an image via URL 

3. You can drag and drop images from your device too! 


FAQ: How do I generate a table of contents for my FAQ page? 


1. Highlight the title of the FAQ 

2. Hit “Paragraph” in the toolbar above 

3. Choose “Heading 3” 

4. Go to the ellipses menu next to the save button and choose “Show table of contents” 

5. Do this for every question and navigate through the page easily! 

P.S. All the FAQs here have already been added to the table of contents 😎 


FAQ: Can I attach a document directly to a Perfect Wiki page? 

A: Absolutely. Here's how: 

1. Hit the “Attach files” icon in the top toolbar 

2. Choose the file from your device 

3. You can add documents in PDF, DOCX, HTML format, as well as videos! 



FAQ: I want to edit a page but I have read-only access. Why is that?

A: Some pages have restricted editing access to keep important information from being accidentally changed or deleted. If you think you should have editing rights to a page, email your direct supervisor. 


FAQ: Is the whole team working remotely, or can I work from the office? 



FAQ: Do I need to complete a team onboarding?



FAQ: How do I find out who is on my department team?



FAQ: Insert question here (hint: you can copy this FAQ and it will automatically appear in the table of contents) 



Unanswered Questions: (team members can leave their questions here)