🚀 Workflow

This Perfect Wiki tab is where you can outline your most important work policies—house rules you have adopted over time that help the work process run smoothly and enjoyably for everyone. 

Write out the 3-4 policies you believe every new staff member should know like the back of their hand. For example: 

Flow State

At our company, we want employees to have time for focused, distraction-free work. If you see a sign on someone’s door or cubicle that says “Flow State,” they are unavailable for consultation. The same goes for you—if you need to focus on a project, use your “Flow State” sign and enjoy uninterrupted work time to meet your deadlines. 

If you have documents that outline more concrete policies, such as company-wide report deadlines, you can link them in this tab. 

Note: you can add Google Drive links to your Perfect Wiki pages for direct access to all company documents.